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OLI : Sugar

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Please NOTE:
Our Sugar* OLI color is slightly different than the Sugar beads in our clips. Because our OLIs are made of medical grade silicone the chemical composition of the material differs from the beads which can sometimes cause a slight difference in colors between the pacifiers and beads. 
The Sugar* OLI has a slight peach undertone that doesn't show with the beads.
Please do not purchase if this would bother you as we are a no refunds/exchanges business.
The ORIGINAL breast shaped pacifier
• made with medical grade silicone which means it’s resistant to bacteria and mold 
• it’s one complete design which means there is not one part of it that can break apart 
• it’s shape was purposeful: shaped like a mother’s breast
• shape was also important in the handle and shield as I wanted it to look modern and trendy (it is my tag line lol)
• one neat feature of this pacifier (because of its design and the fact it’s made all of silicone) is that the nipple pushes in so that you can keep it clean when throwing it into your diaper bag
{only love inside}


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Customer Reviews

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The sugar oli is such a beautiful color! And like all the other pacis they’re perfectly shaped and designed ❣️

Sugar Sugar!!

Seriously such a pretty creamy peachy but not quite peach color. I love the hint of peach it has and definitely think everybody needs a sugar Oli in their line up

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