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The ORIGINAL breast shaped pacifier
• made with medical grade silicone which means it’s resistant to bacteria and mold 
• it’s one complete design which means there is not one part of it that can break apart 
• it’s shape was purposeful: shaped like a mother’s breast
• shape was also important in the handle and shield as I wanted it to look modern and trendy (it is my tag line lol)
• one neat feature of this pacifier (because of its design and the fact it’s made all of silicone) is that the nipple pushes in so that you can keep it clean when throwing it into your diaper bag
{only love inside}


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My breastfed baby won’t take it while he’s awake but its the first out of 7 that I’ve tried that I can give him while he’s asleep and he can’t tell that it’s not my breast. If you’re on the fence, just buy it. Even if your baby doesn’t take it, it can be used as a teether since it’s all silicone!


My son is 4 months old, exclusively breast fed, and refuses all bottles and packs (help!) I bought 14, yes FOURTEEN different brand of pacifiers, he gagged on all of them. This is the first paci he is beginning to take and it’s only been 2 days!! He is out of his colic phase (boy i wish i knew about these then!) but still loves to suck, if anything he holds it ajd chews/sucks on it. I keep it clipped to him and he will randomly find it and start to suck and chew on it! I also found when he falls asleep nursing, i can slide out of his mouth while slowly replacing with this paci and he will use while he sleeps..... BUY IT! Even if they don’t take it, it’s all silicone so they can chew all over it like a tether, no hard plastic or hard silicone like the other paci!! Will be buying more :) THANK YOU!

It’s beautiful but..

It’s beautiful and I love it! But my baby hates it😭 but he hates all pacifiers. I was hoping and praying this one would work and relieve me of being a human pacifier.


Absolutely love this color for my baby boy! Perfect for summer!

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